Exclusive Info Contest

D-Beatz and The Royals took Instagram earlier this week to announce a contest to unlock exclusive content.

The contest rules are:

1. Follow @TheRoyalsOfficial
2. Follow @Lil_Beatzy
3. Repost with #StayRoyal
4. Help The Royals reach 100 Followers
5. Unlock Exclusive Content

So far there is no word on what the content is but D-Beatz says he has something in mind.

The Royals Announce Upcoming Group Album

The Royals upcoming album will come out this summer but so far no word on he title or album cover. The album will include members like D-Beatz, Yung Alex, DJ Mora, Tokyo, Radioactive Winter and Julissa E.

5 Things You Should Expect From The Royals In 2014

2014 is almost here and there's alot to expect from The Royals this upcoming year. Here are some things you should expect.

• The Royals Collaboration
• Yung Alex & D-Beatz - Alter Ego EP
• D-Beatz - Cross 2
• The Royals Skate Team
• The Royals Skate Brand

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YouTube: MrBatmanPijamas

DJ Mora

DJ Mora is the newest member to The Royals. He's a DJ for The Royals so he'll make some Remixes here and there. DJ Mora is scheduled to appear on The Royals upcoming Mixtape this summer.

D-Beatz - Cabinet (Official Music Video)

Hey guys srry we've been slow on the site I know we announced that Cabinet was gonna have a video and the video was released about 3 days back sorry for the late notice.

Heres the video for cabinet