Prince Mula - PABLO [Prod. Magic] (Demo Version)

Months after releasing the demo to "WAVES," Prince Mula is back with another demo of his upcoming EP. The track "PABLO," produced by Magic, shows off Beatzy's trap-like style while spitting aggressive rhymes about his lifestyle and the lifestyle he is pursuing.

Listen/Download the track below


We'd like to announce that The Royals Entertainment now has its own official website! All current blog posts will still be kept here but a new and updated site can be found below.

Prince Mula - WAVES [Prod, Bazix Beats]

After the recent success of Mula's last two remixes over Uber Everywhere and Panda. Beatzy is back once again, this time with an original song called WAVES produced by Bazix Beats. This song is the start to the WAVE MOVEMENT in which Beatz says:

"Life is full of many opportunities. Every opportunity is like a wave, it can bring you down. If you want to succeed in those opportunities you need to find a way to ride the wave. How do you ride a wave? Simple. Do you to the fullest. Show your grind. Wave Season is 365 days a year. Join the Movement."

You can stream and download WAVES below

Prince Mula - Panda (Remix) [Feat. Young Chewy]

Prince Mula is back with another remix. Coming off strong with the "Uber Everywhere (Remix)," Beatzy returns with a remix over Desiigner's hit song "Panda." The song features adlibs from Young Chewy, along with an intro sample from a Puffy and Lil Wayne interview and an outro sample from the 1999 Cash Money Millionaires move "Baller Blockin."

Stream/Download Panda below

Prince Mula - Uber Everywhere (Remix)

Following his guest verse on Bal Cypha's Drill Time, Beatzy released a new remix over Madeintyo's "Uber Everywhere" hit.

You can stream and download the track below.

Bal Cypha - Drill Time (Feat. Prince Mula)

The Royals finest Bal Cypha and Prince Mula have teamed up once again for a brand new collaboration. Drill Time features an opening verse from Prince Mula following an autotuned verse by Bal Cypha.

You can stream the track below.

Read the Lyrics and Annotations to "Facts (Remix)" by Prince Mula

Now you can read the lyrics to Prince Mula's "Facts (Remix)" via featuring annotations by Prince Mula himself.

Prince Mula - Facts (Remix)

Prince Mula (formerly known as D-Beatz) is back with a hard hitting remix to Kanye West's song "Facts." Throughout the song you can hear Mula take multiple shots at rival rapper Steve Soto. Don't forget to share the song on social media and tag us.

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You can stream the song below.

D-Beatz - Comfortable Remix

Getting ready for a new project, D-Beatz has dropped yet another remix. This time you can catch Prince Mula dropping some slow-paced heat over K CAMP's Comfortable song.

You can stream the track below.

D-Beatz - Jumpman Remix

Fresh off Let Me Hold You Remix, is another remix by The Royals rapper D-Beatz AKA Prince Mula. You can stream the track below.

D-Beatz - Let Me Hold You (Remix)

With no upcoming projects in the works, D-Beatz has released a remix over Bow Wow's 2005 hit song "Let Me Hold You (Featuring Omarion)."

You can stream the song below.

Add The Royals on "Clammr"

The Royals have recently signed up for the new social media site, Clammr. You can login to the site either through your internet browser or using the mobile app. Make sure to add The Royals @TheRoyals_Music and be sure to spread the word. If you've never heard of "Clammr" it's a new social media app that is considered to be the "Audio Twitter" which allows you to stream and share 18 second audio clips.

[STREAM] D-Beatz and Bal Cypha's "Eating Rappers for Breakfast" release show

Just in case you missed it, D-Beatz and Bal Cypha celebrated the release of their collaboration mixtape "Eating Rappers for Breakfast" by putting together a live show and performing some tracks from the tape along with some older summer hits like "Lyric Ballistic" and "Drop It". You can view the set list and stream the show via YouTube below.

(Bal Cypha, D-Beatz, and producer MTP)

Set List:

1. Right Above It Freestyle (Bal Cypha solo)
2. No Flex Zone
3. Lyric Ballistic
4. Real Ones
5. Only One & King Shocked (D-Beatz solo)
6. Trophies Freestyle (Bal Cypha solo)
7. Truffle Butter
8. Drop It

Right Above It Freestyle (Bal Cypha solo)

No Flex Zone

Lyric Ballistic

Real Ones

Only One & King Shocked (D-Beatz solo)

Trophies Freestyle (Bal Cypha solo)

Truffle Butter

Drop It

D-Beatz - Money On My Mind - EP

Here's D-Beatz's new EP "Money On My Mind." As you've probably heard "Solo" (Produced by MTP) is one of the songs on this project along with unreleased material from earlier this year like BackInTheDay, Change Up On You and Unexpected Fame. Another song that never made the cut for last year's "Cross 2" has been rerecorded and titled after one of Beatz's many nicknames Prince Money Bags.

You can stream the project below.

MTP - Solo (Feat. D-Beatz)

Not long after D-Beatz and Bal Cypha's recent collab mixtape "Eating Rappers for Breakfast," you can catch yet another Beatz track with MTP on the beat. You can stream the track below.

So what do you think about this new track?

D-Beatz x Bal Cypha - Eating Rappers For Breakfast (Mixtape)

As announced earlier this week, D-Beatz and Bal Cypha have collaborated for a mixtape. You can stream the project below.

"Eating Rappers for Breakfast" Cover and Tracklist

As mentioned, D-Beatz and Bal Cypha's upcoming mixtape will be dropped later this week on April 3rd, 2015. You can view the artwork and tracklist below.



"Eating Rappers for Breakfast" Release Date

As announced earlier this year, D-Beatz and Bal Cypha have been working on a collab mixtape. The project is 100% done and will be released this Friday, April 3rd.

The Royals announce an upcoming project "Eating Rappers for Breakfast"

The Royals have just announced an upcoming project by D-Beatz and Bal Cypha, there is no release date so far but you can view the Official Trailer below.

The Royals - Real Ones

D-Beatz and Bal Cypha have teamed up for yet another new track called Real Ones featuring a beat from MTP. you can stream the track below.

D-Beatz - King Shocked

D-Beatz has just released a new single called "King Shocked." The track will NOT appear on any upcoming projects. The song contains sampled of "Shell Shocked" by Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign.

You can stream the new song below.

Yung Alex - I'll Kill It (Freestyle)

Yung Alex has just dropped a raw freestyle called "I'll Kill It." You can stream and sownload the track below.

Yung Alex - My Glory (Freestyle)

Yung Alex has just posted a new freestyle track via Sound Cloud called "My Glory."

my glory

 Even though the song will not appear on Bal Cypha's upcoming mixtape you can stream and download it below.

Yung Alex Releases a Promo Cover For His Upcoming Mixtape

A promo cover for Yung Alex's upcoming Mixtape Bal Cypha: The Beginning has just been released. The mixtape currently has no release date.

You can view the promo art below:

D-Beatz - Cross 2 (Mixtape)

Just a year after releasing his 1st mixtape Cross, D-Beatz has released a sequel to the tape which contains features from Yung Alex and a track produced by Deformbornaclassic. Hit the jump below to view the tracklist and stream the mixtape


1. Intro
2. Slumpn [Prod. Deformbornaclassic]
3. 408 to my City
4. Muder Dial (Feat. Yung Alex)
5. CrossWalk (Interlude)
6. Apologies From The Studio - Skit
7. We Ain't Play (No Games)
8. Micky - Skit
9. Nightime Rhymes
10. Cross 2 (A Tribute)
11. Only One [Bonus Track]
12. Smooth (Feat. Yung Alex) [Bonus Track]
13. Demons [Bonus Track]

Release date and Tracklist for D-Beatz's Cross 2

D-Beatz took Instagram today to announce the release date and tracklisting for his Cross 2 mixtape.

Album Cover


Release Date

The mixtape will be released on August 8, 2014 and you can view the tracklist below.


1. Intro
2. Slumpn [Prod by: Deformbornaclassic]
3. 408 to my City
4. Murder Dial (Feat. Yung Alex)
5. CrossWalk (Interlude)
6. Apologies From The Studio - Skit
7. We Ain't Play (No Games)
8. Micky - Skit
9. Nightime Rhymes
10. Cross 2 ( A Tribute )
11. Smooth (Feat. Yung Alex) [Bonus Track]
12. Only One [Bonus Track]
13. Demons [Bonus Track]

The Royals - $ingles - EP

The Royals have finished off the summer with an EP $ingles which contains all singles from next years Royaltie$.


1. Regretz
2. Lyric Ballistic
3. Drop It
4. Backup

The Royals - Backup

D-Beatz and Yung Alex have teamed up for the final single Backup which will appear on next years Royaltie$.

The Royals - Drop It

D-Beatz, Yung Alex & The Illest Goon have teamed up for yet another single "Drop It". The track conains samples of "Clappers" by Wale and will appear on the groups upcoming album Royaltie$. You can also download a clean version below.

You can stream the track below.

If you wish to download a clean version of Drop It you can do so here

D-Beatz Announces Cross 2 Album Cover

D-Beatz took Instagram this morning to release his upcoming Cross 2 album cover.

So far a tracklist hasn't been announced but the project isn't far from being done.

The Royals - Lyric Ballistic

D-Beatz, Yung Alex and The Royals newest rapper The Illest Goon have just collaborated for another group single called Lyric Ballistic. The song contains samples of Turnt by the New Boyz.

You can stream the track below:

The Illest Goon

The Illest Goon is the newest rapper in The Royals. He will be appearing in upcoming releases. You can stream Goon's tracks below.

The Royals - Regretz

D-Beatz and Yung Alex have just released a new single called Regretz.  The reason it was released as a single was because the groups album has been pushed back with no release date.

The track contains samples from No Apologies by Eminem

Royaltie$ and AlterEgo - EP Release Pushed Back

The Royals group album Royaltie$ and Beatzy and Cyphas collaboration AlterEgo-EP has been pushed back due to group preparation, however the clique will still be releasing music.

Also be on the look out for:

Cross 2

PRODUCERS and MANAGERS looking for some new acts....

Any Producers looking for a new artist or away to blow up from an artist check out The Royals especially this summer were more ready then ever what were going to produce is way hotter then any young MC or group has ever produced follow us on Instagram @TheRoyalsOfficial and like us on Facebook.

D-Beatz - Yeah !!! [Remix]

D-Beatz just released a new track called Yeah !!! [Remix]. The song is a remix over DEFORMBORNACLASSIC's song Yeah (Feat. Mad Furda). The track also has #Cross2HYPE which means it's not going to be on Cross 2 or any other upcoming projects. You can hear the song below.

D-Beatz announces three new upcoming projects for this summer.

D-Beatz has just announced three new upcoming projects for this summer, however one is a maybe.

Here are the upcoming projects for this Summer.

1. D-Beatz x Yung Alex - AlterEgo EP
2. D-Beatz - Cross II
3. The Royals - Royaltie$ [TBA]

Beatzy also hinted another project but it's not official yet.

Exclusive Info Contest

D-Beatz and The Royals took Instagram earlier this week to announce a contest to unlock exclusive content.

The contest rules are:

1. Follow @TheRoyalsOfficial
2. Follow @Lil_Beatzy
3. Repost with #StayRoyal
4. Help The Royals reach 100 Followers
5. Unlock Exclusive Content

So far there is no word on what the content is but D-Beatz says he has something in mind.

5 Things You Should Expect From The Royals In 2014

2014 is almost here and there's alot to expect from The Royals this upcoming year. Here are some things you should expect.

• The Royals Collaboration
• Yung Alex & D-Beatz - Alter Ego EP
• D-Beatz - Cross 2
• The Royals Skate Team
• The Royals Skate Brand

Don't forget to follow The Royals on Instagram and subscribe on YouTube

Instagram: TheRoyalsOfficial
YouTube: MrBatmanPijamas

D-Beatz - Cabinet (Official Music Video)

Hey guys srry we've been slow on the site I know we announced that Cabinet was gonna have a video and the video was released about 3 days back sorry for the late notice.

Heres the video for cabinet

D-Beatz - Cross (Mixtape)

After D-Beatz's last mintue release date for Cross the Mixtape is out NOW on SoundCloud. The Mixtape contains samples from artist like Lil Wayne, Eminem, Tyga, Odd Future, Juicy J and 2 Chainz. You can stream more info about the Mixtape below.


1. Intro
2. That's Me
3. Cabinet
4. Carolina - Skit
6. Vans A Make Me Dance (Feat. Yung Alex)
7. Micky - Skit
8. Capital R
9. Cabinet (Chopped N' Screwed)
10. Cross (A Tribute)

We are encountering some problems with out download feature but you can download the tracks from soundcloud by clicking download.

D-Beatz Releases Cabinet The EP

D-Beatz has just released Cabinet The EP. Cabinet is a single of Beatzy's mixtape which will drop soon but for now here's his EP.


1. Cabinet
2. Cabinet (Edited)
3. Cabinet (Instrumental)
4. Cabinet (Acapella)
5. Cabinet (Chopped N' Screwed)

The EP is ONLY available on YouTube.
You can download the EP using
Youtube to MP3

Download instructions

1. Copy video link
2. Paste in box
3. Download

SPOILER ALERT: A music video for Cabinet may be released soon.

The Royals perform at a local BGC.

The Royals hit FIRE last Friday. They performed some songs for a Boys And Girls Club. D-Beatz and Yung Alex performed a cleaned up version of their song "Vans A Make Me Dance" which will appear on Beatzy's upcoming mixtape. Julissa performed a cover of Bruno Mars' song "When I Was Your Man."

You can stream the performances below.

D-Beatz - Vans A Make Me Dance (Feat. Yung Alex) Live

What do you think about the performances? How excited are you for Beatzy's mixtape?

If anyone has a recording of Julissa's performance please E-Mail it to

D-Beatz Releases Cabinet

Beatzy has released his song Cabinet (via Youtube ONLY) as a single of his Cross mixtape. The track will be available via SoundCloud when the full mixtape drops.

Here's what Beatzy put on his Instagram page

Thnk yhu all 4 waiting patiently 4 my mixtape i've decided to release a song Cabinet as a single. Thnk u all tho

- D-Beatz
Here's the 1st single of D-Beatz's Cross (Mixtape)
D-Beatz - Cabinet

Artwork for D-Beatz "Cross" Mixtape

Here's the artwork for Beatzy's upcoming Mixtape "Cross"

NOTE: Artwork May Change

D-Beatz Announces "Cross" Mixtape

D-Beatz is currently working on a mixtape which should be released between 2-5 weeks. The mixtape will include features from Yung Alex, DEFORNBORNACLASSIC, Etc.

What are your thoughts?

How do you think Beatzy's mixtape will turn out?

Yung Alex

Yung Alex is a rapper who's been inspired by Biggie, Lil Wayne, Wacka Flocka Flame and Chief Keef. Yung Alex also goes by his alterego name of Bal Cypha. You can stream all of Yung Alex's tracks below.


D-Beatz is a rapper from The Royals who's been inspired by artist such as Lil Wayne, Kanye West, 2Pac, Dr. Dre and Odd Future. D-Beatz also goes by the names Lil Beatzy, Prince Money Bags, Young Profit & his alter ego Soft. Beatzy is also the founder of the Royals. You can stream all of D-Beatz's tracks below.


Who are the Royals?

The Royals is a West Coast Hip-Hop & R&B group From San Jose, CA.
So far the group consists of 3 artists. D-Beatz, Yung Alex and the Illest Goon. The group is currently working on their debut mixtape "Royaltie$." You can stream the groups tracks below.