[STREAM] D-Beatz and Bal Cypha's "Eating Rappers for Breakfast" release show

Just in case you missed it, D-Beatz and Bal Cypha celebrated the release of their collaboration mixtape "Eating Rappers for Breakfast" by putting together a live show and performing some tracks from the tape along with some older summer hits like "Lyric Ballistic" and "Drop It". You can view the set list and stream the show via YouTube below.

(Bal Cypha, D-Beatz, and producer MTP)

Set List:

1. Right Above It Freestyle (Bal Cypha solo)
2. No Flex Zone
3. Lyric Ballistic
4. Real Ones
5. Only One & King Shocked (D-Beatz solo)
6. Trophies Freestyle (Bal Cypha solo)
7. Truffle Butter
8. Drop It

Right Above It Freestyle (Bal Cypha solo)

No Flex Zone

Lyric Ballistic

Real Ones

Only One & King Shocked (D-Beatz solo)

Trophies Freestyle (Bal Cypha solo)

Truffle Butter

Drop It